The Phenomenological Film Collective is a filmmaking group that produces social advocacy short films. Our mission is to create beautiful works of cinematography that illuminate lived experience to inspire empathy, compassion, and solidarity.

PF Collective’s approach to social advocacy filmmaking is unique in that it relies on a “phenomenological research method” in order to achieve such aims. Phenomenological research is a method of qualitative research which collects people’s intimate stories as its chief form of data.  This research approach interprets the rich details of people’s lived experiences, in attempt to illuminate deep, existential insights about particular human phenomena.

PF Collective utilizes this research method to produce beautiful cinematography that communicates rich, experiential insights of what it is like for citizens to live through various sociocultural phenomena. We conduct phenomenological research to produce short films that convey a profound level of understanding about sociocultural issues, and invite viewers into intimate contact with various kinds of human experience. We hope that viewers step into the world of our short films, become transported, and step back with a deeper connection to humanity and desire to make a difference in our world.